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Since bathrooms are used every day, they can easily accumulate dirt, mold, grime and soap residue over time. A soapy buildup can happen on any surface that comes in contact with soap and water, which can happen more frequently if you’re running hard water in your home. It can be difficult to remove if not treated properly, which is why regular cleaning is important for your bathroom.  

Bathroom Easier to Clean

If you find it tedious to rid your bathroom of these unwanted buildup all the time, a few key upgrades can keep it fresher and cleaner for longer. 

A More Reliable Exhaust Fan

If you leave moisture to linger too long in your bathroom, expect mold, mildew and other microorganisms to thrive on your bathroom surfaces. Your current exhaust fan may not even be enough to eliminate the excess moisture, so consider upgrading to a more efficient and powerful one. This keeps your bathroom moisture levels within tolerable limits while also running more quietly and efficiently.

Better Quality Shower Walls and Doors

Some shower walls and doors are too hard to maintain, making bathroom cleaning a taxing chore. Thus, it makes sense to upgrade to materials that have more resistance to dirt and grime. For instance, KOHLER® LuxStone® shower systems feature grout-free walls, which makes it easier to clean and prevent soap scum buildup.

Larger Tiles 

If you still want to have a bit of grout in your interior bathroom design, consider installing bigger tiles so that dirt and grime have less grout area to dirty. This also makes it less noticeable so your bathroom will at least look clean for longer. Cleaning off the gunk and grime won’t be as tedious as well since there’s hardly any with the few grout lines between your large tiles.

If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom with a KOHLER® LuxStone® shower system as one of its prominent features, make sure you hire an authorized expert to get the job done efficiently. Call our shower contractors at Elite Bathrooms LuxStone of Long Island today at (631) 201-4299. You may also fill out our convenient online contact form for a free, no-obligation consultation.